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Traditional Thai massage
60mn / 100.-   90mn / 140.-
It is surely one of the richest and most complete massages in the world.
Traditional Thai massage acts on the energy system through the energy lines called "Sen". These Sen travel the entire body and convey the vital force fluid. The objective of this massage is to release the blockages which disturb the balance of these circuits, in order to find the harmony of the body and the spirit.
Oil massage
60mn / 100.-   90mn / 140.-

This relaxing massage alternates fluid movements and deep pressure to relax your muscles and take away your tensions. This massage will soothe you from the stress of everyday life and allow you to regain that feeling of well-being.

Foot massage
60mn / 100.-   30mn / 55.-

The foot massage while you rebalance metabolism and nervous system. Practiced not only with the hands but with the help of a small wooden stick, it stimulates the reflexological points, which will considerably improve blood circulation. It will relieve you of many ailments and can also be practiced as a preventive measure.

Back massage
30mn / 55.-

The part most often asked is our body back. These contractions are due to our rhythm of life, our bad postures, as well as the storage of stress and fatigue. The back massage will bring you this relaxation necessary to find new energy.

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